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I wake up every day at 04:45 as a mindset coach boosting action takers to achieve the next level of their dreams. My focus goes to business owners, leaders of the companies to understand themselves on a deeper level, expand higher faculties, align a successful business with a balanced life. 

Life experiences was my wise teacher from an early age. I was inspired by many

books around me. I was very curious from the younger age and when i couldn’t read i loved the energy of the books that helped the development of my imagination. By that time my grandpa worked in the paper factory and he noticed my interests. I started to see more books around me which helped me to develop my imagination and became my baseline for all my knowledge. I was absorbing all the material with a huge enthusiasm and passion. 

I never understood myself on a deeper level. 

I was going through an adult life and seemed to me that my life was really great. I had everything i ever wished for.  

There was one thought that was constantly flashing in my mind: 

“It’s not who you are”, “start to live an authentic life”. 

In 2014 a few and profound things happened to me. I started to  realize that i needed to change something and i started to study and expand my awareness on a deeper level. I expanded my mindset and my leadership skills.  Eventually i learned to close my knowing doing gap and use my creative mind developing my mindset coaching business. 

I have studied with the great and the most successful mentors, who gave me the knowledge that transformed my life completely. My confidence was uplifted to the upper skies.  I understood who i really was and my undeveloped true potential. 

The knowledge helped me to expand my higher faculties and capture the true meaning of a good and balanced life. 


I love my life and the days that are filled with the activities that give me a sense of the complete fulfillment and boost, helping others achieve success business and balance in all areas of life.

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